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Is there an e-ink ebook reader that runs on free software and can read epub?

Is there at least one that doesn't ever connect to the internet?

#ebook #ereader #FLOSS

Ha. Most websites strip the dashes out of phone numbers. Best Buy's survey site asks that the respondent add the dashes (which, I'm guessing when the form is submitted, they are stripped).

I just finished the second season of The Punisher, I was a bit disappointed by the season as a whole. It's unfortunate that Netflix stubbornly forces shows to make seasons 13 episodes long. This season of The Punisher has a lot of fat that could have been cut to make it a leaner and more exciting show.

According to a new report by DuckDuckGo, tens of millions of American users aren't aware that Do Not Track doesn't actually block websites from tracking your activities. The privacy-focused search engine explains that switching the feature on is about as foolproof as sticking a "Please, don't look into my house" sign on the front lawn while your blinds are open.

I had low expectations for this film, it sunk even lower. This is a hot mess of a movie that has a lot of action but bored me stuff.

Hey Mark Wahlberg, if are going to produce a vehicle film featuring yourself, don’t play a character that is a total douche bag.

Save yourself 90 minutes and skip this one. It was so bad I feel like the 99c I spent to rent it one iTunes was a waste.

Tonight’s movie is Mile 22 (2018). I’m not optimistic about this one. At least is was just a 99c iTunes rental.

The first lesson is, life doesn't give you seat belts.

Another one. Who's going to tell the website person at Best Buy that "vision" is not "sound"... at least not for humans.

What projects do we currently have on #Fosstodon?

So far, I know of @debian @gentoo @mariadb @opensuse

Are there any that I have missed?

Make sure you give these projects a follow if you're interested in their content!

Tonight's movie is Hunter Killer (2018). I saw this one in the theaters and liked it a lot. Sure, it is Clancy-lite, but it sure was good old fashion entertainment. Watching on my new LG 55C8 OLED TV off of a 4K UHD Blu-ray -- Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. I can't wait, first movie on the new TV.

I want something else / To get me through this

Semi-charmed kind of life

Hey iOS users, what's your favourite Mastodon client?

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