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Does anyone know the etymology of /etc/issue on Unix machines?

I just finished reading Tom King’s Batman Rebirth vol. 1 - I Am Gotham. It was... meh. The art was fantastic, Batman looked awesome. The problem I had was with the characters Gotham and Gotham Girl who were quite boring, vague in their origins and paper thin in their characterizations.


Remember we were staring up to those peaks on the horizon? / You told me if I faced my fears, there was no doubt I could climb them / There's nothing I have wanted more / The only one I've been waiting for / So hold your breath and close your eyes

The night is cold but the sun will rise

- Waiting for Tomorrow, Martin Garrix, Pierce Fulton

seriously a 4tb usb stick 😀

World’s Biggest Capacity 4TB Flash Drive Demoed By SanDisk

ok, it's a prototype, and as I run Ubuntu on my sticks as a persistent OS I probably would..

We are but a tiny speck with our sidekick in the vast vacuum of space.

Earth from 70 million miles away (bottom left).

I signed up for my free month of comiXology Unlimited to try out. It’s too bad there’s overlap with for some content. There is newer on comiXology like the Rebirth series, which is not available on DC Universe.

Forced federation isn’t freedom.

Stop making Quality Admins spend every waking second researching, silencing, and defederating from hatespeech.

Make federation opt-in.

its funny how mastodon users complain about forced federation when pleroma lets you configure all aspects of federation, including explicitly choosing who you want to federate with.

Reportedly, in Tokyo, local gangs have started using drones to transport drugs across the city.

In response, the police are using net-carrying drones to try to capture these packets mid-air.

The gangs are counter-attacking with their own net-drones to try and drop police drones.

In a statement with the Tokyo police, they say they "Haven't had this much fun in years"

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The internet used to be a city: it had its weird bohemian districts, its flea markets, its high-rises and back alleys. Now it's just a shopping mall, and I miss my old city so much

OK, my first attempt at writing a short article on Mastodon.

Let me know what you think, this is a working draft at best. is part of the Fediverse, but I'm still trying to understand how the interactions work.

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