I might have lost track of time when I sat down to play Sky Force Reloaded on my Xbox One X this evening.


This game is pretty addictive.


@jrconlin No extras for my fiber sans datacap. I pay $90/mo (taxes included) for 1Gbps. The 100Mbps and 300Mbps tiers do have the 1TB datacap unless one gets a basic cable package.

@bnys We're in South San Jose and got lucky. We had Sonic a long time ago, but 6-8Mbps wasn't fast enough even back then.

I think we got lucky because our neighborhood gets everything via utility poles, so it made it easier for AT&T to get things wired up.

Sonic is reselling AT&T Fiber, just for if/when AT&T arrives in your neighborhood you have the choice between the two.

Living the life of not having a datacap on AT&T Fiber. Glad we dropped Comcast and their silly 1TB datacap.

Speaking at my company’s sales kick off meeting in a few minutes. Whee!

making a terminal-based mastodon client because i'm bored

@mookie I love the folks who are upset that this spoils part of Endgame.

Have y'all never read comic books?

Superheroes return from the dead like it was a drive thru.

Get ready for another Netflix price hike.

I get our Netflix “free” as part of the family’s T-Mobile plan. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be subscribed consistently. There’s a lot of content, but I don’t find myself watching all that much on the service. If I had to pay, I’d probably let stuff pile up, subscribe for a month, binge watch and then unsubscribe.


Rookie mistake: Assuming people asking questions actually want answers or solutions. Often they just want sympathy.

Techie and engineering minded types have a really hard time not making this mistake. 😔

All Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) implementations contain 4 security vulnerabilities that allow malicious SCP servers to make changes on the client's side:


– all SCP implementations (OpenSSH, Putty, WinSCP etc.) are affected
– vulnerabilities are there since 1983
– CVE-2018-20685, CVE-2019-6111, CVE-2019-6109, CVE-2019-6110
– at the moment, only WinSCP provides a patch (WinSCP 5.14)

#scp #ssh #openssh #winscp #putty #vulnerability #infosec #cybersecurity #security

So trade that typical for something colorful / And if it's crazy, live a little crazy / You can play it sensible, a king of conventional

Or you can risk it all and see

Best way to move instances on #Mastodon:

On your OLD account:

1. Export your follows, mutes and blocks: go to Settings, then Data Export, then download the CSV files (you do NOT need to request an archive to do this!)

2. Set your old account to redirect to the new one: go to Settings, then Edit Profile, then "Move To A Different Account" (at bottom of screen)

On your NEW account:

3. Upload your follows, mutes and blocks: go to Settings, then Import, then upload the CSV files


Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit.

George Carlin

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