The whole cast of Doom Patrol is excellent. Brendan Fraser though is killing it on a different level as Robotman. OMG, he is awesome.

I hate the show New Amsterdam. It always makes me cry. And I am joking, this is one of the shows from this season that I look forward to each week. It does make me ready eyed each week though.

I like this seasons new show The Rookie, this season has been very uneven. The season finale was a good example of this. It could have been so much better, but it was a strange disorganized episode. The weird wedging of Nolan’s love life in the middle of the crisis was bizarre. The same with Lopez’s relationship. I hope the show finds a better groove next season.

Pretty sure vaccines are not effective after someone is infected.

The fake muzzle flashes in The Rookie are so bad that they are a distraction from the tension of an action scene.

John Legere (T-Mobile) had promised to shake up TV. This is nothing but the same old expensive TV bundle. $90 per month and $10 per month per connected TV.

Kevin Kiner and Clint Mansell are killing it with the score for Doom Patrol. The score for episode S01E06 is particularly good.

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I just finished watching the pilot for Krypton. It was added this week to DC Universe. The pilot was interesting and the production values were impressive for a TV show. The premise of the show is also really interesting, along with the villain that was introduced. I was not wowed by the show, but I will keep watching to see how the season fares.

Whiskey Cavalier 1x06 Five Spies and a Baby. The show has found its stride. This was a really entertaining episode with a perfect balance of comedy, action and heart. The twist was good too, I didn’t see that one coming.

I like the show For the People because it allows for decisions that are not right. It allows for people who are right to lose. It is a show that doesn’t allow for an episode to have a happy ending just because that’s what American audiences like.

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Is it really cord-cutting when all you're doing is paying the same people a little less money for about the same amount of content?

I discovered For the People on ABC this last Friday via their second season premiere. I found the first season on Hulu and now I am bingeing through the first season because it expires on Hulu in 13 days. I am enjoying the show because it has a cast of interesting characters which offsets the somewhat rote courthouse drama.

Sarah Shahi is guest starring in this week’s episode of The Rookie. She’s completely unrecognizable. It’s nice to see her on TV again.

Doom Patrol continues to be awesomely entertaining. I finished watching Puppet Patrol (S01E03) and it finds the right balance of comedy, drama, gore and action.

I do wish that DC would figure out that dropping the f-bomb doesn’t make a show edgier. In both Doom Patrol and Titans, there are too many f-bombs.

Still, Doom Patrol is what Titans should have been: A focused show that is engaging and entertaining with memorable characters.

I’m watching NBC’s new show The Enemy Within and all I keep thinking is of Joker asking: “Why so serious?”

I am finishing this pilot episode just to see how it goes, but I don’t think I will be sticking around for more. The show is not very entertaining because of its self-seriousness.

The ending was predictable.

Whiskey Cavalier is a better take on the whole FBI-CIA genre.

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