The whole cast of Doom Patrol is excellent. Brendan Fraser though is killing it on a different level as Robotman. OMG, he is awesome.

Very cool expansion of comics at DC Universe. I’ve never read the comics from this far back. This should be quite an experience.

Kevin Kiner and Clint Mansell are killing it with the score for Doom Patrol. The score for episode S01E06 is particularly good.

I quite enjoyed Shazam!, it was a fun movie with heart. DC should make more movies like this.

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I just finished watching the pilot for Krypton. It was added this week to DC Universe. The pilot was interesting and the production values were impressive for a TV show. The premise of the show is also really interesting, along with the villain that was introduced. I was not wowed by the show, but I will keep watching to see how the season fares.

DC Universe does what it should have done at launch to match Marvel Comics Unlimited.

"DC Universe subscribers will be able to enjoy access to DC’s enormous digital comics library, starting in April of 2019. (Each of these comics will appear at least 12 months after it was first published). That's over 20 thousand comic books!"

Doom Patrol continues to be awesomely entertaining. I finished watching Puppet Patrol (S01E03) and it finds the right balance of comedy, drama, gore and action.

I do wish that DC would figure out that dropping the f-bomb doesn’t make a show edgier. In both Doom Patrol and Titans, there are too many f-bombs.

Still, Doom Patrol is what Titans should have been: A focused show that is engaging and entertaining with memorable characters.

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